Dedicated Web Hosting is for Big Sites

The question of what is dedicated hosting should be answered starting from web hosting itself. Dedicated web hosting is a type of hosting and hosting is the process by which a server takes up the duty of uploading a site to the internet as a paid service. There are a lot of companies today, which are in the business of hosting. At first there were only some companies which were opting to go for a web hosting. Others were maintaining the sites through their own servers. The company which provides the service of hosting will let their clients’ sites o occupy a portion of their server and thus they can be online without actually owning a server.
The introduction of web hosting boosted the number of companies entering the online business. In a single server there will be number of sites. But the increase in the number of sites depending on the same server affected the overall performance of the server and big sites were not able to carry on their business smoothly. This introduced a new version of hosting called as the dedicated hosting. Here the whole resources of a server will be dedicated to the exclusive use of a site and this allows the site to work more efficiently.
There are many advantages for the dedicated web hosting. The main one among them is that the client site or company doesn’t have to worry about the security, maintenance or reliability of the server. All those matters will be taken care of by the service provider. This itself is the case with the hardware of the server also. It is considered as the most profitable option for even the well to do companies as they don’t have to spend lots of money in the matters regarding the maintenance and repairs of the server.

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