About Free Web Hosting

Free hosting is one of the different types of hosting available today. The specialty of this type of hosting is that the client need not pay anything for connecting their website to the web. There are a lot of such companies which provide free hosting for small sites. Like any other service, this too has some advantages as well as some disadvantages.
During the initial stages of the growth of free , there were doubts about the credibility and reliability of these services. Later these doubts were answered and now lots of small companies are making use of these services worldwide. The main advantage in this type of hosting is that it is a cost free affair. This has helped so many concerns which are not having much financial resources to start their online business successfully.
There may arise a question about the source of profit and the reason for providing free hosting. You can gain this information regarding this with a little research in to the details of such companies. Since they are giving the web hosting service for free doesn’t mean that they don’t have any profit in it. Every business is done with the aim of making profit and in this case the source of profit is through the advertisements in the sites that are uploaded to the World Wide Web through their server.
This version of hosting is suited only for the small sites which need only very meager amount of space in the server for their functioning. This is mainly aimed at the companies that are planning to start their online quest with the minimum amount of investment and cost. The free web hosting companies will provide only a limited amount of resources for each of the sites as to make room for the most number of sites in that single server. What they are actually doing is the maximization of profit with the limited amount of resources.

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